Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) can happen as a result of a variety of reasons, including driver error, vehicle malfunction and lack of road maintenance.

With more vehicles now on the road than ever before, it’s vitally important that drivers are aware of what to do in the event of an RTA. So, we’ve compiled a handy document which will help if you should find yourself in an accident.

Road Traffic from an RTA

Stop. Switch off your engine and switch on your hazard lights to warn other motorists of the hazard, if the vehicles are causing one. In the event of a serious collision the emergency services should be called.

Exchange details. You are obliged to give your contact details and insurance details. Help your case by obtaining crucial details at the scene including details of:

  • Any witnesses;
  • Registration number of the other vehicle(s) involved;
  • Names and addresses of persons involved and their insurance details.


Take photos. Pictures are helpful and should be taken of the scene and the damage to all vehicles. In the age of the camera phone, this should be relatively easy. If you have footage of the accident, then even better.

Insurance. Contact your insurer as soon as you can after the accident, as some insurance policies might be invalidated should you fail to report the accident within the specified time-period detailed in the policy.

Afterwards, contact Newnham & Jordan Solicitors and we will be on hand to do the rest. Our specialist Personal Injury department headed by James Howard will be on hand to assess your case, free of charge, and give you the advice to enable you to pursue and maximise your claim on a conditional no win, no fee basis.

Remember, you are not obliged to use the solicitor that your insurance company sends you to. You are free to use whichever solicitor you choose.

James Howard
Article by James Howard
James is a Litigation Executive at Newnham & Jordan, specialising in Personal Injury, Landlord & Tenant and other Litigation Matters.

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