As beautiful as Autumn is, the many changes, particularly those in the weather, pose new and dangerous problems on the road.

The transition season brings with it all kinds of problematic hazards for motorists, like:

  • Falling and wet leaves
  • Increased levels of rainfall
  • Increased frequency and strength of winds and breezes
  • Sunsets and sunrises around rush hour times


Accidents on the road increase by an average of 15% in October, statistics from the Department of Transport show.

The number of road traffic accidents suffered in October is approximately 21% higher than the figures for similar road incidents in August, which clearly indicates that drivers and cyclists are not adapting to the changing conditions quick enough.

Even more alarmingly, the Department of Transport revealed that car crash fatalities also rise around 14% above the monthly average each October.

The safety advice for driving in the autumn months is simple, but crucial:

  • Go slower than you otherwise might do – it’s better to be late than not arrive at all.
  • Remember to use your lights – once the clocks change again, the evenings start to darken quicker.
  • Have a pair of sunglasses handy – by blocking or shielding the setting or rising sun from your eyes you can prevent a potential car accident.


James Howard
Article by James Howard
James is a Litigation Executive at Newnham & Jordan, specialising in Personal Injury, Landlord & Tenant and other Litigation Matters.

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