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Our Litigation Services

Newnham & Jordan Solicitors is highly unique in its focus on creating exceptional value and cost efficiency through centralized discovery management for complex litigation matters.  Our services include: Construction Disputes, Debt Recovery, Employment Law, Contract Disputes.

Effective, reliable and down to earth litigation advice is everything.

There are many firms out there offering a dedicated litigation offering, some good, some less good, some that can spell on their websites and some that can’t (it’s true), some that have videos and some that don’t.  Newnham & Jordan expert litigation lawyers are dedicated to technical and legal accuracy, client satisfaction and, above all, meeting and exceeding their clients’ needs and expectations.

Construction Disputes

Construction Disputes can arise in a variety of circumstances. This might be because the work is not of the quality that they have paid for, or the work may have taken longer than they believe it should have done.

Debt Recovery

All businesses eventually have to take steps to recover unpaid invoices. Debt recovery companies can do very little if the opponent wishes to defend the claim and/or has a counterclaim. At that point the debt recovery firm will refer you to a solicitor and the costs will begin to increase – you will also have to explain your case again to a new person. When you look at debt recovery firms they quote prices for ‘undefended claims’. Usually, you don’t really need any help for an undefended claim; it’s when they are defended that things get complicated.

Employment Law

If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly, discriminated against or bullied, or are simply not sure of your rights at work, Newnham & Jordan’s specialist employment team are here to offer thorough advice on a wide variety of employment issues.

Contract Disputes

Contracts form the basis of commercial relationships. They provide clarity in business arrangements. Contracts are also put in place to ensure that proper rights are available in the event that obligations are not met, as often there are serious financial consequences. If you enter into commercial contracts on a regular basis, whether the contracts are in written form or made verbally and whether the terms governing such agreements are expressed or implied, it is likely that, at some stage, you will become involved in a contractual dispute.

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