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Horses For Loan ~ Do I need legal advice?

Horses For Loan ~ Do I need legal advice?

Horses for Loan – Do I need legal advice?
There are many horses for loan available all over the UK. For the owner, the horse and the borrower, it can often be a perfect arrangement. However, it can also go badly wrong, often due to unforeseen circumstances, with lengthy disputes taking place. Where a potentially valuable competition horse is involved, handing over the responsibility of its care and training to another person is a major concern. But the borrower faces just as many concerns having to commit to paying livery fees, the on-going costs of upkeep not to mention the huge amount of time spent in training and competing.

Typical Horse Loan Disputes
Typical forms of dispute involving horses on loan usually centre around disagreements over the loan period, the standard of care the horse is receiving and who pays for vet’s fee’s, shoes insurance etc. Sometimes it can be a simple falling out between one another (including the horse!) and this possible outcome is very rarely discussed before the loan begins.
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How important is Third Party Liability Insurance for Pets?

We all think that “it will never happen to me” and quite often it doesn’t but for some people the lack of Third Party Liability Insurance, or inadequate cover, has been devastating.

To a great extent, if we take sensible precautions, carryout risk assessments on our surroundings as we go about our individual businesses, then all being well we will avoid the necessity of ever having to rely upon having such insurance being available.  Most of us will have some third party liability cover  as part of our buildings and contents insurance for accidents to third parties around our home.

But what about our animals? ……
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