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Are Personal Injury Solicitors on the Decline?

Are Personal Injury Solicitors on the Decline?

A law firm investor has recently predicted that only a dozen firms nationwide will soon specialise in personal injury. The reason; proposed further Government reforms of the personal injury sector. 4 to 5 years ago we saw many claims management companies disappear from the market and now it is predicted that there will be a major reduction in the number of solicitors specialising in personal injury.

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Common Winter Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Every season has its fair share of hazards, however winter is arguably the most hazardous season of all. Thankfully you can avoid potential accidents by changing your mindset and being aware of the weather conditions around you. Here’s a handy list to help you out!


Slips and Falls

Never underestimate the damage that a potential slip and fall accident can cause – from a sprained ankle to a broken spine that can leave you paralysed for life, slips and falls are definitely no joke!

  • Always walk carefully if the streets are covered in ice.
  • Wear warm shoes or boots with good tread for traction
  • Clear the ice on the pathway of your home. Always have some salt or sand ready to spread around in case the weather surprises you.
  • If you’re going somewhere by bike be on the watch of potentially wet or icy surfaces, and use both hands when braking.
  • If you do feel yourself falling try to land on your side or your bottom – that way you can reduce the risk of a head or a spinal injury


If you work or play outside during winter you might be risking having a hypothermia or a frostbite.

  • Stumbling, bumbling, grumbling, and mumbling can be early signs of cold affecting your body and brain. Take action as soon as you notice them
  • Wear multiple layers of clothing to keep you warm, with more breathable layers against your skin and weather-resistant layers on the exterior
  • Food and fluids can keep your body warm
  • If you do get a frostbite DO NOT try to warm up the affected area while still in the cold, especially by rubbing it

Car Accidents

Despite being a good driver winter can potentially take the control of your car out of your hands and unfortunately by getting behind the wheel you do accept the responsibility.

  • Defrost windows completely before leaving home
  • Drive slowly and carefully and allow extra stopping distance


Winter Sport Injuries

For the ones who refuse to stay at home by the fireplace and instead want to have some fun slipping and sliding down a mountain in winter, you don’t have to suffer injuries while practicing your favourite winter sports.

  • Wearing the proper gear is arguably the most important thing to consider as it can save you from all kinds of  sports-related accidents. Check your equipment before using it in order to make sure it’s working properly and is not going to bring any harmful surprises along the way
  • Use a qualified instructor when learning how to ski or how to ride a snowboard. One of the most important things a qualified teacher is going to teach you is the proper way to do the sideways fall mentioned above

If you have suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault call our Litigation Team today on 01202 877 400.

Common Winter Injuries and How to Avoid Them
Suffered a Personal Injury?  Are you being pressured to accept an offer?

Suffered a Personal Injury? Are you being pressured to accept an offer?

When a Claimant has been injured as a result of an accident, whether that be at work, in a car or in a public place, and the other party has already accepted the accident was their fault, many insurance panel solicitors or larger firms will often pressurise a Claimant into accepting an offer simply to close the case without any real thought of whether that offer truly compensates the innocent party. Turnover of cases is king to such firms.

This will not happen at Newnham & Jordan Solicitors. We often take over cases from insurance panel solicitors who attempt to pressurise their clients to accept what is known a pre-medical offer or accept offers which fall far short of what their client is perfectly entitled to receive.

You, as an injured party, may still be experiencing symptoms when offers are on the table, even if you have already seen a medical professional. You may not agree with that professional’s opinion and prognosis. The best course of action in such cases would be to send you for another medical examination and obtain a Consultant’s medical report on your injuries which will (a) give a much more detailed prognosis for your health and (b) allow us to determine in much more detail what your injury is actually worth. We at Newnham & Jordan are in a position to do this for you.

Remember, many insurance companies want to keep costs down. A far more detailed report and proper expert advice can ensure that you receive what you are actually entitled to.

We are accustomed to taking over cases from national personal injury firms. If you want to receive the correct amount of compensation for your injury then our personal injury department at Newnham & Jordan is ready to represent you.

The Associative Discrimination Trap


Even though most employers are well-aware of the dangers of discrimination there are slight differences that catch many experienced bosses unprepared.

Employees are able to claim damages if you discriminate against them indirectly. One of the forms of indirect discrimination is associative discrimination. For example, an employee can successfully claim discrimination by association if he/she was dismissed after saying he/she needs to spend more time caring for his/her disabled daughter.

Discrimination can be an extremely worrying accusation for any employer as there is no cap on the compensation payment. There is also no qualifying period for it, so an employee need not have worked a minimum length of time before being able to claim.

These two factors have made it very easy for aggrieved employees to file a discrimination claim without having to accrue the necessary two years’ service required for an unfair dismissal claim. And associative discrimination has become an easy way for them to claim damages. Employees who are unable to claim direct discrimination against their bosses may try to make a claim of discrimination by proxy.

Associative discrimination is based on the same protected characteristics as cases of direct discrimination: age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion and belief; sex; sexual orientation.

One does not need to be an employee in order to make a claim – those who are applying for a job can take legal action if they believe a prospective future employer has discriminated against them.

That also applies with regards to associative discrimination.

If you believe you have fallen a victim to the Associative Discrimination trap, please contact Fiona Pawsey on 01202877400 (Ferndown) or 01305 470051 (Weymouth) or via email on for a free initial appointment.

The comments above are the writer’s opinion based upon the information so far available it does not constitute legal advice.

The Associative Discrimination Trap