Newnham & Jordan, Solicitors launch a high quality fixed price family law scheme.
Too Good to Be True?

£500 plus  VAT plus  £410 court fees. That’s a total of £1010.00

We offer a fixed fee  if you divorce your husband or wife – which includes not only our fixed fee, but also VAT and the Court fees to issue the petition and apply for decree absolute. And just £300 plus VAT if you are the party being divorced.

That includes up to 1.5 hours free face to face meeting at a time and place of your choosing including weekend and evenings.

For the children, or property and financial or other matters, we will supply you in almost every case, with a fixed quote for each aspect of the work that you will need us to carry out. So you will know from the outset how much it is going to cost you.

So what about those £99 divorces?

It is interesting to see that the Co-op, among others, has just launched their new “fixed fee” DIY divorce scheme costing, on the face of it, just £99. They will charge another £50 if you want them to check the forms you’ve filled in and £150 an hour if you want further advice over the phone or by email.

Many other law firms including traditional High Street practices, on-line law firms and other virtual law practices have been offering fixed fees for some time. But what do you actually get for your money and where’s the catch?

[quote align=”center”]The simple answer is that it doesn’t just cost £99 or the basic figure quoted – in reality it will cost a lot more than that…[/quote]

The quoted fixed fee is simply what they charge for a DIY kit of forms, with perhaps no mention of the hidden extras that a divorce will require. In addition there will be at least:

[list type=”arrow”]
  • Court fees to be paid – currently £410 to issue your divorce petition,
  • £90 to issue any other application within those proceedings giving notice to your spouse,
  • £0.00 to apply for the decree absolute that actually means you are divorced,
  • And of course VAT on the fee lawyers at 20%
[/list] So a fixed fee divorce that is supposed to cost you £99 at the Co-op will actually cost you considerably more!

And remember that this price does not include any work associated with the children, or property and financial or other matters.

The Co-op also do fixed fee managed divorces for a total of £955 which includes Vat and court fees. At this price they also provide support by phone and email.

But you have to ask:
[list type=”arrow”]

  • Do you get to meet the lawyer?
  • Who are they?
  • Where are they?
  • Will they treat you with respect in your time of need?
  • Will they care about you and your family and your problems?
  • How much time will they spend with you?
  • Can you call them out of office hours?
  • Will you get to speak to the same lawyer every time?
  • What kind of lawyer are they?
  • Are they a solicitor or paralegal or not really qualified at all?
  • What do they know about life, the Law and Family problems?
  • Are they any good?
[/list] How will you know the answers to any of these questions if you only ever speak to them by telephone or communicate by e-mail? You may not even get to speak to the same person twice.

[quote align=”left”]Not much of a service when your marriage is breaking down and your life is in turmoil.[/quote]

And what about the really important things? The children? Money and property issues and worries? Where will you live? Can you afford it? The business? The pensions and savings? Those mounting debts? Your problems at home and at work as a result? Can you cope? Who can help?

Are all these issues covered by the fixed fee? Of course not! It’s just a gimmick; an enticement to induce you to buy their services without really knowing how much it will really cost.

Newnham & Jordan, really do offer fixed fees

At Newnham & Jordan  we really do offer fixed fees, not only for the divorce process, which is normally straightforward, (although not without pain). But also for the really important and often complicated bits – the children and the really messy stuff – the finances and the property etc.

NO HIDDEN EXTRAS at Newnham & Jordan

For the divorce process we are as transparent as we can be. Our fixed fee is £1010.00 (incls VAT and Court fee) if you divorce your husband or wife – which includes not only our fixed fee but also includes VAT and the Court fees to issue the petition and apply for decree absolute. And just £360 (incls VAT) if you are the party being divorced.

For the children, or property and financial or other matters we will supply you with a fixed quote (in almost every case) for each aspect of the work that you will need us to carry out on your behalf to see you through the whole process; even for contested cases. So you will know from the outset how much it is going to cost you.


We will also see you face to face initially for FREE for up to 0.5 hours – no catches!

As we are a virtual law practice without offices and high overheads we can see you at home or other comfortable and convenient yet private location without the stuffiness of an office. We will even buy you a tea or coffee without sticking it on the bill!

Yes that’s right we will come to you at a time that suits you.

We also offer appointments out of office hours and at weekends. We are caring, compassionate and dedicated to our clients and want get the right results for them. We have years of experience and that is something that many other law firms cannot offer you.

Finally we will be there with you – not simply at the end of a phone line or on the internet.

Contact us now to discuss your problems and arrange a FREE consultation at a time and place to suit you.

Call Fiona on 0845 680 7871 or e-mail us at We will respond as soon as we are available – usually within 24 hours.

Fiona Pawsey
Article by Fiona Pawsey
Fiona has been practicing family law for over 12 years initially as a Legal Executive and then subsequently as a solicitor. Fiona is a trained collaborative solicitor, as well as a Resolution Panel Member. She is experienced in advising clients going through divorce or family breakdown, including financial settlements and disputes over children, in particular complex contact and residence issues. In addition to family law Fiona also deals with litigation, property transactions and residential Conveyancing

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