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Changes in Child Maintenace

Proposed New Child Maintenance System

The Child Support Agency (CSA) is being wound up and replaced by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS).

The current proposals are:

  • To impose an application fee to the CMS of about £20.
  • An ongoing deduction which may be around 7%. This will be paid by the parent with day to day care of the children.

The application fee will be waived if the applying parent has suffered domestic abuse and reported it to the police or a relevant agency. It appears that the ongoing deduction will be paid by all parents receiving child  maintenance.

Rolling out at the end of 2012 and during 2013.

The Department of Work and Pensions intends to roll out the process of opening child maintenance cases under theCMSscheme later this year for applications made by a parent with 4 children who have the same father. Most other families will come under the new scheme in 2013.

Government policy  favours encouraging direct payment by one parent to another. At present theCSAcan provide an assessment, but parents can agree for payments to be made directly without the involvement of the CSA in collection. Under the new scheme it is being proposed that if a parent fails to make a direct payment, they will have to pay a collection  surcharge of perhaps around 20% of the child maintenance payment.

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Changes in Child Maintenace
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Parents face charges for Child Maintenance

Latest Government proposals concerning child maintenance include charges to parents who need state help to agree child maintenance payments.

Under government proposals the CSA, part of the Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission, is to be wound down. The process is planned to begin next year. As part of the proposed new system parents will have to show they have taken reasonable steps to try to reach a private agreement with an ex-partner before being able to use the new child maintenance system. If parents were able to reach an agreement, then it seems unlikely they would have approached the CSA, or any subsequent replacement, in the first place.

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EU cross-border maintenance

The European Maintenance Regulation comes into force across all 27 member states on 18th June 2011. The intention is for maintenance creditors to be able to obtain a decision in one member State which is automatically enforceable in another without any further formalities such as registration.
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