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People advised to ‘Establish Lasting Power of Attorney’

Solicitors Wimborne Power of Attorney | Newnham & JordanIn a recent Daily Telegraph interview with Oliver Thomas Director of BUPA’s UK care homes, he highlighted the importance of ensuring that people have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place. This is to ensure that your finances and general welfare will be handled by someone you can trust, should a time come when you are unable to make such decisions yourself. He noted that these arrangements are vital to avoid distress and complications for family members in the event of dementia or other conditions that prevent someone dealing with their money.

Mr Thomas explained that illness “can creep up very suddenly”, potentially leading to distress for relatives if plans are not in place. He told the newspaper that conditions such as dementia can leave people unable to make simple financial decisions, sign cheques or remember PIN numbers.
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6 out 10 don’t have a will

Solicitors Wimborne Making a will Newnham & JordanPeople in Britain are failing to prepare properly for the prospect of death with many failing to secure the fate of their families and their finances.  According to new research  a shocking 61% of the nation do not have a will. The survey, carried out by Foresters Friendly Society and survey firm ICM Direct, have also found that 24% have never even thought about making a will and 21% think they are too poor to have one. Out of those with a Will, one in eight haven’t reviewed it for over 10 years, and 1 in 10 have’nt told anyone where to find it after their death! Also 46% of parents with children under the age of five who do have a Will haven’t reviewed it in those five years. More worrying, two thirds of parents with children under the age of five don’t have a Will at all, and half of those aged between 55 and 64 also have not taken this essential step.

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So, who is the Court of Protection working for?

This is an interesting question and many would argue that the Court, despite it’s claims, does not work for the benefit and protection of the most vulnerable in our society who are suffering a mental disability, often coupled with a physical disability and are therefore unable to take care of their own affairs.

However, until a change in the law can be obtained we have to work within the system.  In order to ensure that in the event of you suffering an accident or illness, which leaves you mentally unable to handle your affairs, you should consider putting in hand, at an early stage, a Lasting Power of Attorney or LPA  (what is a lasting Power of Attorney?).  If the unfortunate did then happen, at least the Attorney of your choice is appointed and the Court will then allow that Attorney to make decisions on your behalf rather than take over that role for you.

If you require assistance in the setting up of a Lasting Power of Attorney or, you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance that a beloved relative has become incapable of handling their own affairs without having first prepared a Lasting Power of Attorney, who would be happy to have an informal chat over the phone or in person.  So why not contact us now for “Coffee & Chat” to discover how we can assist?

For an interesting article by John Hemming MP see the link below


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So, who is the Court of Protection working for?